Friday, September 28, 2007

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Klang

Diet! Diet! Diet! Diet! Diet! But i just came back from Teluk Gong for my seafood dinner... hahax.. i just ate all the meat and vegetable but no rice!! should be ok huh?! well tomorrow got no breakfast no lunch no dinner for mii other then 1 mini apple and plain water =) Say NO to Food!! Gambate!!! Uncle ask mom out for dinner... since all of us craving for crab so much... and i suggest them to Klang... one of my favourite place for seafood... with 30min travelled and we finally reach Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant.. among all the Seafood Restaurant here is the one and only full of customer.. and for sure the food is delicious... TOO BAD today is not my day... disappointed dinner.. *Sniff Sniff*

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant*

Nut* Rm1.60

its not free.. i still taught that's FOC!!
Thai Coconut* Rm3.50
Refreshing... Love it!!

Fried baby Otopus* Rm10.00

I'll not order this dish anymore!! BAD BAD BAD!!

Too Oily & tasteless... (get sound badly)

Tom yam Shrimp* Rm26.00 <3

Actually i Quite heart this Tom yam..
=( just the shrimps not fresh enough & less of spicy!!

Mini Bun* Rm2.00

Steam mini bun & Fried mini Bun,
to go with the sweet and sour crab sauce..
i just ate 4 of them =)

Sweet & Sour Crab* Rm28.00

Gosh!! Damn Disappointed on it!!
Firstly the crab is not fresh anymore..
and the sweet and sour sauce tasteless... =(

Salty egg yolk Fried crab* Rm26.00

Uh.. i heart this, The very first time i tried
crab with this way!! the salty egg yolk stick with the crab shell,
the good combination!!
Not bad!! just the crab not fresh enough
The Bill End up Rm132.75.. i accidentally deleted the vegetable pic =(
I get sound badly from my uncle.. =( they said i got 'no tongue'... because i intro bad place bad food.. well seriously i got no idea why they serve so badly nowadays compare to last time i came.. i guess 3 or 4month ago... so bad!! uncle promise next week bring all of us to Ulu Yam For seafood again... so that he feel satisfy for his tongue... don't blame mii!!! soweee~ weekend!! this week is the very first weekend mii without my baby bubu... sob* so sad!! baby boi be good boi ya!! Heart!!! Wish him luck..*crossed fingers*

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You CRAB ! .. thts my CRAB .. u OW ME CRAB ! .. haha