Sunday, September 16, 2007

Food & Tea Restaurant @ Leisure Mall

Sunday Sunday Sunday!! yadaaaaa~ yadaaaaaaaaaa~Last Night Went Bubu's friend wedding eve with all his NS (National Services) buddys...Serdang!! Omg its Damn Far away(Because we from wangsa maju to Serdang)!!! hmmm lucky i'm not the one who drove!! *Lol* they craps alot about how they survivor in camp~ how much they treasure a Can of sardine..instant noodles and water..After their 'Heng dai Talks' and we ciao around 1230am and we heading to Leisure mall for supper.. hmm~ makan again!! wakakakaka~!! too bad its late every where its closed only left Food & Tea Restaurant... since both of us never try that restaurant out.. so we decided to gave it a try...Actually Food & Tea Restaurants is just a normal HKG style difference from Kim Gary or Wong kok or hk express.. i still prefer Kim Gary always!!

Food & Tea Restaurant*

Lemon Red Tea* Rm3.80

Red tea?!? hmmm its Totally Tasted like Ice Lemon Tea Only~

Fresh Prawn wid Pan Fried Spaghetti* Rm8.80

Franky Speaking I'm Pretty Disappointed for this!!

They didn't boiled the Spaghetti well !! and its damn salty!!

and the Prawns are 2 seize smaller then the display picture~

Ni spin noodles wid fried egg & luncheon meat* Rm5.90

For patient please order this!! *lol*

so.. Plain.. i mean the tasted!

Seafood Salad Roll* Rm4.80

OH! i Heart this!! its Crispy and inside its smooth~

eat it while is hot with the lovely mayonnaise!! Thumz up!!

although i just found prawn but not seafood inside!! lolx!~

Walnut Cake with ice cream* Rm3.80

eeee~ Bubu and i heart this too!! its nice!!

but the Walnut Cake its a bit too hard for mii..

Screw it baby screw it!!

After Rebonding!!

Bye Bye curly hair!! wakakaka~


The Cb & L7

Camwhore RoxXx*


Little Orangezz said...

Hey..where is dis place??
btw..i love ur new hair..better than curl opinion la...

yammylicious said...

Little orangezzz... more ez to take care.. cheras beside leisure more onli~

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