Friday, September 14, 2007

Night Market @ Chao Yang

Hot!! Hot!! Hot!! Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!

office got no more air conditional from today till I move to new office. *GGs* So Pity mii!! lucky today i'm not wearing formal to work!!! Thanks God Is Friday!! uh lalala this will be my happies weekend!! This sunday going bubu friend wedding dinner in Ampang well i hope
is fun!!! muaxXxx!! and congratulation for the couple!! =) Happies ever after!!

Yesterday my lovely brother fetched mii & bubu to Chao Yang Night Market... surprisingly its not crowded as before anymore.. getting less stalls.. sigh~ never mind there's still got some delicious food stalls... awww~

Look so tender right?!
oh the who selling dori very good looking!!
trust mii!!
Lovely Otopus Dori*

Otopus Dori* Rm4.00 per Box

Fish ball & fried fish ball*

Siu Mai*

Ham Ball*
Uhhh Something new!! not bad!

Meat Ball*
Rm4.00 For 10..
Pork Satay*

Chicken Satay*
Uh i prefer the pork satay!! yammy~
they proviod 2 kind of sauce,
pineapple sauce & sweet & spicy sauce..
Rm1.00 for each satay!
Long Ngai Sui*

We stop by for a bowl of Asam Laksa*

Asam Laksa* Rm3.50
Pretty disappointed on it..
just like i'm eating cheng thong..
Umbrella ice cream* Rm1.00
There's three favour,
Cocount, red bean, corn..
Umbrella ella ella ey ey ey~ * LOL*

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