Sunday, September 16, 2007

Royal China @ Ampang Park

Uh.. This Afternoon just went bubu friend's wedding Dinner Lunch..
The very first time i attend wedding dinner in the afternoon at 1PM sharp~
anyone of you attend wedding party at this time before?! something new!!
To Leong Seng (Turtle) & Soo yen...
ATTENTION everyone out there please play safe!!!
LOL!! Always remember to drop by 7-11~ a night before the night mare~
well we seat same table with all bubu's NS buddys...
LOL the way they talk damn humour!! Nice to meet you all ya!! ...
Too bad i got no chance to snap any picture with the pretty bride...
its okies.. let's see what we ate...

Royal china Five Happiness*

Er.. Overall its just pretty normal for mii..

but the Otopus really taste good compare to other 4..

Braised Shark's Fin Soup Wid Crab Meat*

i heart Shark fin Always!! too bad i found no Crab Meat..

and the shark's fin is Orange Colour!! *LOL*

Barbequed Suckling Piglet HKG Style*
Its Crispy!! and serve with some steamed bun~
yammy yammy!!
But Bubu Don't Like it!!

Steamed Fresh Pomfret wid superior Soya Sauce*
Fish~~ ee i Heart This too!
but i don't think is Fresh enough~~ sigh!!
guess they prepared it before we reach..
and Very Salty!! errrr...

Fresh Tiger Prawns in Two Flavors*
I love the salad prawns~ so nice~!! yammy!!!

Stewed Deluxe Vegetables wid Dried Oyster & Beancurd Stick*
The Dried Oyster tasted like over burn~ errrr~
but the Beancurd really tasted good~
A very good combination with the sauce..
Fried Glitinous rice in Traditional Style*
Just ate a Little bit of it~ don't really flavourful~
i heart the 'Lap Cheong'~

Double Boiled Lotus Seeds Wid Lily Bulbs & Eight Treasure*

Too busy snapping picture so we left this out~ *Sob*

Sweet Fancy Duet*

Done before Dinner Lunch

Bubu & mii


Little Orangezz said...

Omg!! I damn lik tat barbequed suckling poglet wei..I actually mm sek tak eat it..U u write there crispy! omg..nice shot wei..

yammylicious said...

lilttle orangezzz.. hey is specially took tat pic for you! hahax! muaxx