Friday, September 7, 2007


Yadaaa yadaaa~i can still on9 in office today!! phew~last night i felt sober, my heart was like ''dup dap.. dup dap...dup..........dap....ditzzzzzzz'' but i promise myself not to be sad on all this anymore... it can't be my mind burden!! so i conquer it before i slept...this morning when i look at the mirror i was like.. 'wasai guai ar!!!''oh my lovely black circle!! ish~

Claudia!! muaxx my baby darling... congratulation for your 2nd month 'anniversary' ya!! ey ey don't make mii jealous okies?! *blek*love you girl!! and to warning binhau not to bully my baby girl if not you 'GGs' okies? muaxx happies that you found someone who loving you so much girl!! i'm proud of you.. you told mii what comes around goes aroundalready been set up.. just have to appreciated everything we having now is more then enough.thank you so much!! i have you!! although we seldom meet up but once we meet upwe got a lottttt of thing to gossip about!! *huggiess*
Foo aka my beloved pet bro who taking law in Help university leaving to London next friday!! *sob* so sad you leaving mii!! we decided to organise a farewell party for the.....most stupid, vain.. who always thought hey i'm Jay Chao, lamer no.1 kenny foo chee meng~ @ Chilis 1U hmmm let mii guess who will coming for the farewell dinner..

1. Mii -JasJas aka silent tear aka yammylicious *lol*

2. John - aka bubu

3. baby gal - aka claudia

4. baby gal's lover - aka binhau

5. ket ket -aka my beloved baby boi chester

6. howy -aka my beloved lito family howard zai

7. gavin- aka the most horny lame ass choon chun hoo

8. hz -aka my guai zai haozhi

9. ah foo -my beloved stupid gor gor

All of you better get your ass sharp 8pm at 1U's Chilis lolx! camwhore night dude!! fooooooo gor gor better take good care in London i know all the Gal ChiqSsss with big boobs tight ass but play safe study hard!
Good Luck i Love U

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claudia said...

hey girll!!din come on9 for dayyys and now only i read ur so much..and im glad u r living happy take care of urself k?

if u nv fall u will never understand the pain and how much u call me out often ya..and we had a super great nite out yesterday!hehe..mmmuaahxx