Friday, September 21, 2007

Tasty Pot @ Sunway Mentari

Weekend!! YahoOoooOooOo... So tiring So lazy sigh!! i went steamboat just now!! hahax my first weekend dinner!! So full.. Still Full right now!! but i craving for watermelon.. =( greedy mii!! Jasmine is Fattening!! i suppose to make up my mind on DIET!! Bubu Warn mii not to wear any sexy dress anymore!! no more mini skirt.. (i mean micro mini skirt).. no more tube top.. oh my.. he said.. 'when you slim down I'll let you wear OK?! now just dress up like normal' OK!! OK!! mean i can't slim down?!! u too underestimate mii (he know mii well i cant stop myself of eating nice food) Sobz!! Cheer!! i must aza Fighting for my mini skirt and my tube top!!! ish ish!! 2 month!!

Yesterday Onn Long (Primary Buddy) ask mii out for dinner.. so we set the venue at Tasty Pot at Sunway Mentari which near my office.. is Quite sometime i never eat steamboat =( So... Steamboat now!!!

Tasty Pot*

The Signature Soup*

Soya Bean Soup & Tomyam Soup

1st Plate of mine*

Mantis Prawns, Crab meat, Scallop & Dumpling


Siu Mai, Bao Bao ball, Fish cakes & etc...


Garlic oil & Sweet Sauce*

Chicken wings*

Its really taste good compare to Yuen Steamboat!!

tasted sweet and a bit of garlic taste.. GOOD*

After Bath with the Tomyam Soup*

Mantis Prawns!! awww~

First Cup of mine*

Yam & Choc ice-cream!!

2nd Cup of mine*

Yam & corn!!

ArgGgg Tomorrow Half day of working!! so suck!! Enjoy The weekend everyone!! muaxXxx take good care eat better food on your weekend but always remember to remember the food's calories you scope into your mouth *wink*


Little Orangezz said...

Yo!! I live so near..i should have gone there to eat..lets go wei one day..haha..u belanja...haha...

Anonymous said...

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