Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid

Hungry Hungry!! i ate nothing for my breakfast after work i rush all the way to pyramid for Cutathon event.. around 4pm.. mii & tutu decided to go Kim Gary for lunch!! gosh gosh finally there's something to fill my belly!! =) but Kim Gary is quite empty today.. so i don't have to wait for the seat!! we both only allow to take lunch in 30~45mins time.. sigh!! =(
Ice Lemon Tea* Rm3.90

Holick iced*
came with my combo set..

The day of s0up*
Came with my combo too.. this is one of my top vote soup i kim gary!! the thick tomato favour aww so nice!! there's still some vege come with the soup!! *LOVE*

Ham with Egg Sandwich* Rm4.20
just a simple sandwich that we can make at home always..

Stone Grilled Seafood Rice in Japanese Style Rm16.90
not bad, they came with Enoki mushroom, octopus, crab meat, kimchi & egg..
mix well and eat!! the big potion for mii to finish it up!! i only manage to ate half of it..

Done with my lunch and is time to get my ass back to Cutathon again!!! gambate gambate!! =) well i enjoy the event well.. thou is tired.. but i guess is worth more then that...!!


~Christine~Leng said...

the stone grilled rice is not bad at all. and you're a hairstylist? Cool! ;)

yammylicious said...

christine.. i'm a make up artise.. doing freelance make up soon.. yea the stone grill rice is not bad!! big potion too!!

Big Boys Oven said...

Cool! it must be fun to be a make up artist. that stone looks huge! :)

yammylicious said...

big boy oven.. awww so happies tat u visit my blog!! hahax, i can make up for u if u wan too XD

wenching & esiong said...

Haven't tried the stone grilled seafood rice before but it looks good. I like their fried spaghetti and french toast very much!

JeromeFo said...

lol...mydear sister really geng!post so many yummmy-yummy foods!
can't wait to come back and makan-makan together!!! Muakz