Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bisou Bake Shop @ Jalan Doraisamy

The day before yesterday we went Ruums for Chezz's hair show.. everyone is asked mii to be on that hair show.. basically this salon is not famous at all i guess most of the people will said 'huh?' to you went you mention chezz salon.. the hair show is not as good as i expected for.. and the ticket cost mii Rm35.00.. gosh!! Here is some of the picture from the hair show at Ruums~

The Ticket*
Bob Feaster by Chezzz

Stylish From Japan*

I heart the bob hair!! so kawaii!! on the left..

mii, Nicole, hou huo

Baby & mii.. look at his horny face *lol*

Cutie Nicole & mii*


Right after the hair show mii and bubu walk all the way from Ruums to Maison.. hmm is weird huh?! because he hate mii to club but how come he bring mii there?! omg!! is still early outside Maison is quite empty still so bubu and mii walked around there and we heading Bisou for the lovely dinner.. Bisou is a sister restaurant of Bijou & Fit For Two Fitness Services... i heart here a lot.. with the white concept & simple decoration.. everything is so warm.. *Heart*
Bisou Bake Shop*
Look at the Dry kitchen decoration..lovely*
Smoked Salmon Bagel* Rm18
bubu & mii heart this dish veri much!! the salmon is so smoky-licious..the good combination with the salmon & cream cheese.. thumbz up!! just the bagel is quite hard for the knife to cut on!
Banoffee Pie* Rm10.00

High Recommend by the waitress.. the bottom layer is finger biscuit mix with butter.. and the strong banana flavor.. too bad I'm not banana lover.. but the top layer is pretty disappointed mii because is taste nothing other then.. CREAM... bad bad bad!!

Red Velvet* Rm5.00
Look at the lovely cupcake.. look so tender with the adorable dressing.. simple and lovely but the taste doesn't tasted good at all.. the cupcake is too dry guess is since morning.. we just ate half of it.. pretty disappointed that this cupcake is only look nice but doesn't taste good.. =(



My beloved one & mii inside bisou kids room
Right after the short rest bubu & mii went maison to rock the night.. well i felt pressure standing there..because everyone seem so showing off.. and i getting less friend over there.. doesn't like before friend is every where.. i guess is something good to mii too..

Outside maison.. he look so tired.. sorry baby boi!! muaxx

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