Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pizza San Francisco @ Sec.2 Wangsa Maju

Sunday Sunday!! Mr.B sick =( so he skipped work and rest at home.. around afternoon both of us felt hungry and hunting for dinner.. *Sob* there's something bad happen before both of us heading to Pizza San Francisco.. i cried badly inside the car, and Mr.B tried to calm mii down and comfy mii slowly.. glad that he doesn't mad on the incident and still tried hard telling mii that's an experiences of learning not to be panic.. thxQ so so much!! thx God you're beside mii~ muaxXx!!

Pizza San Francisco*
The empty seat*

Unique Pizza, Great Pizza*
uh.. Weird Pizza, Bad Pizza
Lime Special* Rm4.90
Mr.B & mii share Lime Special, well basically there's no difference from 'kat zai shun mui' just they replace water with soda.. yeap!! that's the only difference of LIME SPECIAL...

Garlic Pizza Bread Rm5.50
if you question mii how the tasted of garlic pizza bread, i would answer you exactly same with garlic Naan..

Calzone* Rm18.90
The Signature Pizza, Mr.B sugguest to tried the signature pizza.. Look nice when its serve.. but pretty disappointed us.. the Paste is COLD!! the salami is so tasteless.. and with the stiggy amount of mozzarella cheese... and so cost us Rm18.90

Look!! =( Bad!!

Mr.B & Mrs.B
Bye Bye Pizza San Francisco!! we will never step in here anymore!! wish you happies Ending!! opss i forgot to mention that their service is BAD!!! i gave F for the services...when you wave of them for the order or Bil they will never give a damn on you!! sigh~ =(


tankiasu said...

Do u think they are related to San Francisco Steak House?

yammylicious said...

tankiasu... i don't think they related with san francisco steak house..the food they serve pretty bad.. & the service totally diff from S.F steak house.. =(

Jackson said...

kiasu, i tot of that too... but since the food not good, so must not b the same company lo..

yammylicious said...

jackson.. they go another branch at taipan too...

Anonymous said...

just a passerby here, don't think it is as bad as u guys think. If i remember, there is a caller belt in every single table for you to call off a bill or an order. By waving hands there might not be a way for your service.

For foods.. ermm.. not yums, not bad. Just normal.