Thursday, October 18, 2007

O'Briens @ KLCC

Sorry For i never Update my blog for a week.. because i really got no time to get my hand free for online.. too much unhappies stuff happen lately.. and now i finally felt better and get over all the hardcore time... i learned something meaningful while i'm having hard time.. 'Never Give Up, Never Too Late'..Last Saturday waited Mr.B to finish work at his house.. he promised to bring mii out for Bak Kut Teh.. but i guess he forgot about it and so James went LRT to picked him home.. *knock knock* HELLO I'M BACK!! =D he holding a paper bag and passed to mii i tot he bought Anna Sui For mii and when i look Clearly i saw O' Briens.. Uh.. Yeah!! I'm Hungry..and so i forgot about Bak Kut Teh.. i Heart O' Briens.. they serve fresh...



Yammylicious with the Fresh Vege and the flavorful Chicken Mayo.. i can't stop bitten on it.. you can clearly taste the chicken bits with the vege every single bite..

Miia (Mr.B bro's GF) craving to try An Tu Ran out, since i promoted hard to her in the afternoon.. Mr.B requested to have a nap, around 11Pm we went Church to pick James up after his Drum Practice, and we drove to hatamas for Supper.. if you do read my previous blog i did mention before An Tu Ran Business Hour is till 2AM!! Actually i Quite bored with the Korean food in An Tu Ran.. mii & Mr.B came and visited here more then 10times in 3months.. so 4 of us share 2 dishes.. is FULL!! they serve big Potion!!

Ice Lemon tea for FOC*

Side Dish's*

uhh i heart this a lot!! too bad i forgotten the name of it.. the sauces tasted spicy & sweet, the 'Korean Dodol' is pretty chewy!! with the price Rm25.. is a must to try it when you visit Korea!!

Kimchi Noodles* Rm15
with the gorgeous amount of vege & noodle.. mix it with egg & all the vege.. trust mii you will love it!! the noodles tasted heavenly good with the yammylicious sauces & the fresh vege..

Mr.B & mii

The Couple

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