Thursday, October 18, 2007

Secret Recipe @ Sec 13

Seriously i'm not enough sleep.. i guess both of us slept for 3hours and we have to get up and Rush all the way to Bangsa For Hair Colour Test.. Have a Quick Shower and a Quick simple make up and we're OUT to Bangsa...TIRED TIRED TIRED TIRED TIRED... All the hair models have to wait for all the stylish to done their LOREAL introduction... omg we waited for 4 hours i guess.. so tired so sleepy and so numb.. Camwhore while got nothing better to do while waiting =p

Mei Mei & mii..

Pose Je...


After my Maroon Red.. =)

Mr.B colour my hair for mii~

Silly's Cap.. Trust mii this cap cost Rm500.00


Poser no.1 =p

The Poser with the leng lui Nicole Teacher =D

Mr.B & Mrs.B

Lawak Tak Jadi*

The Pretties Hot Babe.. Yunize*
Around 5Pm we finally DONE and left.. mii & Mr.B went Bangsa Village2 for dessert.. but I'm no in the mood for dessert.. and so we waited Gor came and pick us up.. after we met up.. Gor Decided to bring us go Sec 13 for dinner... both of us just so lazy to choose on because we ran out of energy.. TIRED!! and so he choose Secret Recipe...
Secret Recipe*

Ice Lemon Tea*

Set D - Vietnamese Beef Noodle Rm19.80
Come with the daily Brownies & Soft Drinks .. the soup not bad.. but eat with the Vietnamese chilies is wonderful!! =) but the potion is quite small.. and i guess they gave around 8 beef balls and slided beef..
Set C - Smart Chicken With Turmeric Sauce Rm19.80
The sauce tasted weird, tasted like gulai pedas..

The Free Snack for ordering Set A ~ Set D =p

My Favourite Brownies.. oh without ice cream still taste GOOD!
Thumbz UP!

Jie Ordered Meat Ball Spaghetti.. Her Favourite In Secret Recipe..
After Dinner i felt... I'm dead now!! So sleepy.. i guess i can sleep every where i can.. even i'm standing or I'm walking. Hahaha.. yeah I'm mad while I'm ran out of energy.. i heart my hair.. and my belly is quite satisfy with these days.. but my body not really happies with all the food make it GAIN WEIGHT!!

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