Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bak Kut Teh @ Chao kit

Mr.B Reached home late that night.. and i'm hungry and missed him so so sad i waited him till 12AM only he done all his stuff.. Sigh.. and so i he did his promised and bring mii for Bak Kut Teh at Chao kit.. when we reached there is almost 1:30AM.. The famous Nam Tong Kui Bak Kut Teh.. Unfortunately i don't really like this place, because for what i knew.. there's a lot of Possitude, Ah Gua, Robber, Thief and drugs addict.. is a messy area!! Seriously i'm afraid someone will walk close to our table and kidnap us.. hahax!! well the Bah Kut Teh seriously tasted good..
Beancurd & Yao Char Guai*
The Beancurd Finely Absorb the herb soup, so soft ..Dip the Yao Char Guai and Eat it!! i guess all the Bak Kut teh Lover for sure know about it =p

Both of us share 1 bowl of Mix Pork.. trust mii they do wash the intestine clean.. the tasty herb soup and i don't felt thirsty at all.. GOOD!!


The next day Mr.B came my office and picked mii home and guess what he said he want to be my make up model.. uh.. for no doubt i'm pretty happies to make up for him. hahax. Too bad while i reached class teacher haven't came in yet and so we decided to hang around pyramid two.. and all of sudden i just felt like shop around but not going for class.. how naughty can i be.. Mr.B Stop by 1901 for Dinner.. opss i mean snack.. because he ate at my home before we heading to pyramid..

Ice Lemon Tea*

Smash Potato came with the Combo Set.. i don't really like the tasted, is more on milk powder taste..

i Forgot about the combo set name.. but mii & Mr.B is 1901's Lover.. with the warm & soft bread, go with the tender & juicy sausage, completed Black pepper sauce, mayonnaise & pickles.. DELICIOUS!!

SEE that how's look for the first bite... mmmmmmmm~

Resident Evil!! this show is nice too bad i'm not really happy with the ending, and so i have to inform everyone not to heading to PYRAMID's TGV.. the seat space is small you can't sit comfortable, you got no idea how to place your leg with the VERY LIMITED SPACE...So disappointed about that..

Mr.B & mii

Joe.. we went Tawaka for supper.. he's weird!! 1AM he told us that he craving for dessert, we drove all the way to Hatamas and Bangsa just to hunt for DESSERT.. too bad too late got no shop is still open and so we drove back to wangsa maju tawakal for Supper...

Gong Fu Chao*

The Famous Fish Cake. One for Rm4.. so we ordered 3 fish cake.. omg can you believe how juicy is the fish cake?.. yea juicy.. and so 'springiness' Worth the price of Rm4.00

Deep Fried Calamari..

Hokkian Mee*

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Little Orangezz said...

hey I damn like resident evil also..
My fav movie..i watch it at pyramid also..haha..yea..if only got part 4 hor..