Friday, October 19, 2007

Gasoline Cafe @ Metro Perdana, Kepong

Jang Jang Jang~ this is one of my currently TOP vote cafe!! i remember that we went Gas Oline at Cheras branch.. and i start crazy about it.. because of the logo.. the pose.. and the red hair.. lolx!! and the food is nice and the ambiance really make my heart stay for it !! <3 try it out.. they have a branch at 6Th floor too...
Gas Oline... Look at the logo!! look like mii?! say YES!! is mii is mii!! i heart this cafe so so much!! because of the logo look like mii!! =p

Chocomint* Rm6.90
Not bad!! Blended with chocolate chips.. just too sweet for mii..

Milky with Vanilla ice cream* Rm6.90
Mr.B doesn't complain much about this, but the milk tasted quite weird for mii.. and Mr.B found out that we should stir it with the vanilla ice cream and drink it.. and tasted good!! =p unfortunately is not my vote.. =p

Special Coke Fried Chicken Wing* Rm4.90
To be frank, the chicken wing without the coke taste but the garlic honey a bit pricey for only 2 chicken wings...

Crackers Pizza* Rm3.90
Do not Order this please.. they use Jacob's biscuits for the base, and the topping with onion, pineapple, green & red pepper & CHEESE.. Doesn't tasted good at all!! i'll never order this anymore!!

After the LIGHT supper, Bubu drove mii to The Curve for movieeeee.. actually i'm quite tired and sleepy but he craving for movie since we never hang out much for movie.. we decided to watch Magic Ground!! wanted to watch it since it been hop in cinema!! cute*

Naughty Mr.B =p

The Magic Ground.. woah i gave 4star of of 5 stars.. is funny and is so cute they way the ground talk.. 'fan sii = fans' wakakaka!! Love this cute animation, Simple and Nice.. and is the meaning of this movie is more on 'No Free Lunch In this world' =p

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