Sunday, October 7, 2007

Izzi Pizza & Pasta @ Jln Ismail

So tired.. yesterday came back around 3am.. but i'm really happies that i having a great night wit both of them!! thxQ very much..i heart both of you a lot!! muaxx.. yesterday mii & chester went out for dinner.. we decided to dinner at Izzi Pizza since we got the mobil voucher for 50% off if your Bil up to Rm60.00.. chester 7.08pm reach my house and all the way smooth to kl.. but once there is pretty jam.. we reach Izzi already 930pm+ OMG!! but we still have fun in dinner.. thxQ so much!! muaxXx..

Izzi Pizza & Pasta

Bottomless (ice lemon tea)* Rm6.90

Soup of the day(Cone soup)* Rm7.80
hmm the heavy cone smell.. i love it!! the soup is tasted good thick & creamy..

Ju Hu Char* Rm16.80
Spring roll, Fried calamari, and satay.. the satay really tasted good with the peanut sauce..but the spring roll don't tasted good add all just roll with some vege & mee.. sigh!! the ju hu char is nice to eat with the vege!! pretty flavorful..

Spaghetti Bolognese* Rm15.80
Too Dry!! Too Dry!! and the cheese make the spaghetti tasted bitter, i requested them to gave mii more paste.. hmmm~ better after with the extra paste.. but i think pizza hut serve better spaghetti then they do..

Extra Paste for FOC*

steak & Pasta* Rm36.80
Chester said is too hard for the 1st bite is fine after 2nd bite.. and so the pasta doesn't tasted out of what he expected for.. normal pasta with some green & red papper & olive quite pricey for this small potion..
Both of us use 4person seat to fit the food that we ordered..everyone look at us that wondering can we Finish all the food? oh to be frank.. FOR SURE.. we can't Finish.. our belly is full MORE then enough lol* but still the greedy mii craving foe desserts.. oh god always gave gal an extra belly to fit desserts.. =p
Tiramisu* 8.90
The layers with chocolate cakes.. got no coffee taste at all but is still tasted good for everyone who craving for light coffee Tiramisu..

Raspberry Panna Cotta* Rm8.90
Uh i heart this a lot!! the refreshing strawberry and the milky creamy mousse.. smooth & sinfully good! Heart!! Thumbz up!!!

The best guy & best friend in my life.. i heart him for no regret!! Look at his adorable eating face!! so cute right?! muaxXx.. never give up on you no matter how our life turn up to be.. you're always be mine and i'm always there for you..

Cute Baby Chester* Heart...


Miky said...

I think it's only about preferance.
I love all Izzi's menu esepecially their pizza and dessert hm....yummy...!!!
But still...Izzi Pizza serve pizza better than pizza Hut (in my opinion).

Anonymous said...

from :joeY damn nice .. nice blogger... i love it ... see ya .. haha muaxxxx