Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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7 things to do before I die:

1. have my own dream house
2. married with my Mr.right
3. plying around with my baby
4. tried all the nice food around the world
5. travel around the world with my Mr.Right
6. tell Papa & Mama how much i love them
7. hug him tight

7 things i will not do even if it kills me:

1. share my beloved one with other bit*h...
2. be murdere
3. Abortion (Never ever)
4. one night stand
5. snatch other boyfriend
6. porn star
7. naked in the street

7 things i will do when im away from the public:

1. Blogging!! *love*
2. pratice tongue twister infront of mirror
3. camwhore
4. look throught all the picture i took before
5. lying on my bed thinking what has happen recently
6. singing out loud, dance crazily...
7. planing where & when to try out all the nice food!

7 favourite sentences or quotes:

1. Never Give Up, Never Too Late
2. we'll nv know we can fly, until we're flying
3. To the world you might be someone, To Someone you might be the World
4. If people could do it, you too
5.You tend to give up when you are closest to success!
6. So close yet So far
7. when u fail to plan, you plan to fail

7 favourite songs of all time

1. Right here waiting for you -Richard
2. Mungkin Nanti - Prter Pan
3. First Love - Utada Hikaru
4. Every time we touch - Cascada
5. Speechless- Veronicas
6. xie xie ai
7. ting hai - a mei

7 things i'll make u wish you didnt do it:

1. have 3rd party behind mii..
2. Get betray
3. hurt mii badly
4. did something 'dirty' behind mii
5. lie to mii
6. talk bad about mii
7. snatch my beloved away

7 ppl to tag:

1. Chester
2. 742
3. Peikshane
4. Orange
5. Rae
6. Chun Hoo
7. Hz

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