Friday, October 26, 2007


This Morning woke up around 6.45AM... the main reason is to prepare breakfast.. for my sista.. ish ish too bad too bad she never bring to work!! really piss mii off and i did nag her in msn when she's working.. To be frank we both never talk face to face at all... even both of us at home we still using msn to chatting with each other.. sometime can't access Internet we will sms each other.. quite out of mind right?! but trust mii this the way we communicate with each other *LOL*

Finely Chopped the Onion*

A can of Sardin!!

Add in onion with the sardin!!

Squeeze half of the lemon juice in to cut down the fishy and onion smell*

Mix the onion, lemon juice and sardin well.. and get the bread ready!!

Ready?! ?


Jang Jang*

A glass of sassi lemon to go with my Sardin toast bread*

Discover mom bought some pink dragon fruits.. !!

Mom said: you can live without your lunch and dinner but you don't ever skip your breakfast!! Breakfast is the energy to kick start your day!! Wonderful breakfast Wonderful day!! =)


742 said...

I think you wake up early juz to blog =P As a reader, I'm so touched *eyes shining*

Nice pictures you have got... keep it up =)

wenching & esiong said...

Nice blog! I just tried the pink dragon fruit the other day, too pink, scares me a little. Haha!

Anyway, thanks for dropping by Sugar Bean! :)

yammylicious said...

742.. all because of u!! u guide mii rite?! muaxx thx!! whn u come back malaysia i will wake up early and hunt breakfast with u k?!

sugar bean.. i love ur blog alot too!! thxQ for dropping by here ya!! i prefer the white dragon fruit lol..

Jerome said...

NiCe foods...When u going to cook it for me? =P

yammylicious said...

jerome.. whn u be back!! i guess UK's chiqs can full u? lol