Sunday, October 28, 2007

4Th Catuthon 07*

I guess everyone did went Pyramid on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for sure know that A' Cut Above having a big charity event..for hair section is only for Rm10.00 and for make over+ har+ photo shooting for only Rm50.00!! the 4TH Cutaton 2007!!
Cutathin 4*

work hard everyone!!! CHEER!!

BuiBui JD!! he rock!! muaxx

My Very First customer of the day!! hair done by alan, make up done by mii.. Bommy hair.. this customer is damn lovely!! u rock!! XD

she speak hokkian & english only! stupid kenji can spoke well and i couldn't both of them kept laughing!! KENJI!! u bad!! HMMMP!!
Huey min*

mii(make up), Kinji(hairstyles), huey min (peneng customer)
hey kenji nice to work out with you ya!! =)
The last customer i done with before i leave Catathon*


we both love taking picture.. i love taking picture with him too.. cos.. he will.. lao po lao po i wan take picture with u... one? two? pls pls.. come we take picture!! lol so cute of him rite?! yes first guy ever will keep request mii of taking picture!! muaxx heart u k?!

he almost kiss mii while taking this picture!! XD

SEE!! my baby piggy!!

The Vain Buddy*

nicole & mii

my beloved bui bui jinda!! i heart him alot alot!! muaxx


Best buddy in Cut Above*

mii, buibui JD, nicole, dot, tutu, hauhau (my piggy)

After cutathon went KLCC met up bubu, joe, and gor and we went RUUMS for feddie Birthday!! be honest I'm quite tired!! but Mr.B sound like i doesn't happy every time he asked mii to club with him.. and so to avoid argument i agree to club... TIRED!! i guess i'm too old to club!! 2.30am i told Mr.B to 'CUT' club.. funny right?! i remember last time is a must to club till 4 or 5am..

Gor Gor, Joe Joe, Mr.B

The Botak Bday boi Feddie!!

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