Friday, October 12, 2007

City Farmer @ Sri Damansara

Its Friday!! i guess everyone is only worked for half day!! =p drive safe!! doesn't matter drive with the low speed as long as reach the destination safely.. To non malay do enjoy the holiday and rock around the world!! & Selamat Hari Raya!!

Uh.. i having Tattoo make up two days ago.. this is what i done for my tattoo make up.. =) pretty sorry if i scare anyone.. basically this make up is quite easy for mii, just have to apply a sharp & huge smoky eye and use eye liner to draw around and DONE =p ... well after the class i removed all my tattoo around my eye & left smoky eye i ran down to Qbar for Victor's Sunshine boy finalist.. help him done with his final touch up and i'm ciao-ing home.. because i'm quite tired.. oh gosh!! Jason parked his car at pyramid new wing.. while we reach the auto pay station we saw a LONG QUEUE...when almost reached us the machine is not function well.. ONLY ACCEPT COINS!! Dot Dot Dot Dot Dot... we ran few shops to change coins.. too bad no coins.. mii and Jason ran all the way from new wing to old wing for the fine auto pay station... he inserted Rm10 but got no balance!! gosh!! talked with the services fella and he asked us to go down to B2 with the receipt for the left balance... So far we taught everything is going to end therefore.. is JAM!! argGgggGggg we stuck inside pyramid for 30mins!! Crazee!!

Turn to Right Turn to Right*

Tuen to Left Turn to Left*

ngek ngek ngek* Done!!

Pee-a-Boo for the hair dresser*

Victory & mii =p

See!! the Vain ass Sotong!!

He hold this mirror more then 30mins.. *Sei ooi leng*

The Stupid Auto Pay Station ever!!


JAM!! JAM!! JAM!!!

Today followed my manager to Sri Damansara to met up some clients.. and we drop by City Farmer For Tong Sui basically is a Chinese Fast Food Restaurant, all is about SELF SERVICE!

Sugar Cane*

White Fungus & Pear Desserts* Rm3.80
Is pretty cooling desserts.. not too sweet the crunchy fungus withe the fresh pear!! i heart it!! with the hot weather do Order one to refreshing Ur mood..

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