Sunday, October 7, 2007

Groove Junction @ Sri Hatamas

After having dinner at Izzi pizza & pasta we waited bubu to finnish work and we went yamcah at 69 cafe behind time square.. too bad karean kong having function there.. so we have to change to other location.. and bubu suggest hatamas.. when we reach hatamas we still got no idea where to yamcah and i remember one of the flogger did intro Groove Junction.. go we give it a tried.. when we step in to Groove Junction we was like.. Woah.. so romantic the nice comfy ambiance.. we heart it.. and here get Chester vote too.. every night they having live band.. you can easily see every table with a video recorder... =p lovely!!

Groove Junction*

The Bar... So nice!!

Malibu Pineapple* Rm19.00
The drink that i going to heart it till the end of my life.. because of this drink mii and bubu got together, i love u! muaxx

Fruit Punch* Rm14.00
Woah!! is great!! Chester heart this alot!!

Gunner* Rm14.00
Bubu ordered this drink.. actually is ginger drinks mix with soda..

Groovy Lamb Cutlet* Rm12.00
Grilled with Galic Mayo.. bubu heart this.. but i just can't take over the mutton smell..i'm so choosy of eating lamb.. lolx!

Creme Brulee* Rm8.00
With Vanilla Cream.. and the crispy bake brown sugar..for the first scoop its really taste like the aerosol smell.. lol* then both of them refuses to scoop it anymore.. and i finish it up all myself!!
Bubu* he's the man i wanted for my whole life.. he's my everything.. and my everything is him.. muaxx my lovely boi.. never let you go.. muaxx!!

3 of us having great time together.. i wish we could last longer.. the happies moment will never get pale deep inside my hear... i love you all..

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