Monday, October 1, 2007

An Tu Ran @ Sri Hatamas

Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired.. i just came back from class.. to be frank I'm not really happy with the classes nowadays.. everything been set up so polities.. let's cut the unhappy craps down.. yesterday went KLCC look for Bubu.. Since he's working there and i'm quited missed him (quite missed.. so that he won't be so bangga lolx)... hang around with my friend till 7pm.. and mii and bubu went 6th floor to picked our beloved baby shoes up.. sadly the shoes haven't been paint yet!! quite disappointed.. but the end they promised us to be done and send the shoes to wangsa maju (bubu house).. for no hump we did agree with it.. around 11pm they reach Desa and passed us the shoes!! oh so not really nice *hahax* a bit out out wad i want but i still heart it alot!!


*Heart* <3

After bubu sttle down his's stuff with his friend, we went yamcah with johnny until around 1am.. and bubu's hungry so we decided to go Bangsa have a look.. too bad everything is closed.. other then McD.. and i told bubu how about Korean food, surprisingly bubu was thinking exactly the same with mii.. as we still remembered there's a restaurant is still open till 2am at hatamas.. same roll with True fitness.. 2nd floor.. facing high way.. you spot True fitness and you can spot An Tu Ran.. oh lala the owner have a pretty and hot mii..

*An Tu Ran*

*The comfy ambiance* Heart

=) *the table that we seat on*

*The menu*
the average price is from Rm20~Rm75

Plain water & ice lemon tea are *FOC*

*Side Dish*
A lot huh?! but out of all i heart the salad only *wink*

*Rice Topped with Reasoned Sort* Rm25
The pork finely cooked.. with the wonderful texture.. its get mii and bubu vote..
but is just a little too spicy for bubu =)

*Fried Chiken wing* Rm25
Oh!! when this served in front of us the chicken wing aroma can't stop us to tried it on,
guess what its look crispy right?! trust mii its not crispy at all.. i guess is Korean fried chicken flour.. try this out its nice although is quite pricey.. =)

2 sauces to go with chicken wing..
Thai sauce and tomato sauce =)

As i said, the owner have a pretty daughter... she look hot right?! when i requested her to took a picture with bubu.. before she leave she smile at us and say.. 5 ringgit for snapping my picture.. and touch up with the word just joking *smile* so sweet of her =) to everyone who 'craving' for Korean wife pls do visit here!!

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