Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hawker Stall @ Jalan Pudu

Last Saturday met up Mr.B at KLCC right after his work.. Mr.B asked what i craving for dinner.. and kampungboycitygirl's blog cross my mind.. Jalan Pudu for Cockles.. Without much word Mr.B drove mii to Jalan Pudu.. Too bad we can't find the lacation Map.. so we just drop by some hawker stall for our dinner.. Be frank this hawker stalls is 'DIRTY' as in a lot of china girl will coming over to your table, sit down and talk to you.. well unfortunately non of them come close to our table and talk to Mr.B.. If not i will bath her off with Milo Panas extra Susu Pekat!! *Piff Piff* Do not let your Man visit Jalan Pudu ALONE!!! =p

Loh mee* Rm3.80

Bloody Juicy Cockles*

Plate of Cockles* Rm8.00
I'm not cockles lover, and i don't really like the smell.. and the word of *Siii Ham* all becuase of my naughty brother..'sis.. don't eat.. cos.. SII ham.. you know? Sii Ham' =.=

Mr.B Peeling the cockles shell off.. he asked mii not to touch the cockles and tried his noodles yet he done his peeling.. *So sweet* muaxx muaxx!!

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